Responsible Driver Program

Screening FAQs

Q. How long will the interview take?

Anywhere from 20 – 45 minutes. Average interviews run for approximately 30 minutes or less. You will need to find a quiet, private place with good reception. Our job is to help you move through the program as easily and quickly as possible.

Q. Can I be on speaker phone or talk while I’m driving?

The interview requires your full attention so we cannot proceed if you are driving any kind of vehicle or machinery. To avoid distracted driving, we will ask you to pull over and stop. Additionally, speaker phone or Bluetooth compromises reception, sound quality, and the integrity of the interview. It is confidential and cannot be carried out with other people listening or helping.

Q. What if the questions are too personal and I don’t want to answer them?

We understand that you might be concerned about sharing information. Our security systems are state of the art, and your information is kept completely confidential. Questions answered during the screening interview will not be shared with anyone other than the necessary Stroh Health Care staff. Many people find that our program is supportive and ends up being a much more positive experience than expected. It is, however, important that you participate in the process. Refusal to answer the interview questions could result in an automatic cancellation of the interview or referral to the 16 hour program due to lack of information.

Q. What’s next?

Following your screening interview, we will make a decision about which program we think is more appropriate for you based on your screening assessment and driving record. We will then send you a letter confirming whether you have been assigned to our 8 or 16 hour program. You should receive this letter within 1 month of your interview.

After you receive this 1st letter, it can take up to 12 weeks for us to place you in a group. We will place you in the first available group in your region. When we have a seat for you, we will send you a 2nd letter outlining the dates, times, and location of your group. You should receive this with plenty of notice before the group starts.

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