Responsible Driver Program


Are you interested in facilitating RDP groups?

Because we are a client-based program and serve clients mandated through RoadSafetyBC, our needs in each area of BC vary based on our current client base. To apply, please send your resume and general availability to Because demand is always changing, even if we currently are not seeking more facilitators in an area, we keep resumes of qualified applicants on file against needs in that community.

Our facilitators are contractors and are offered work based on their availability, number of clients in their area, and seniority if there is ever a shortage of work. There is an interview process which is followed by a contract being sent out for any new facilitator to sign.

Requirements include a Masters-level degree in a relevant field such as counseling or social work, and experience facilitating groups.

The Responsible Driver Program is BC’s mandated program for impaired drivers and is offered in two formats based on the clients’ assessment. The 8 and 16 hour programs are both standardized psycho-educational programs which focus on the effects of alcohol and other drugs, and providing tools to make better decisions regarding driving after using substances. Clients examine their substance use and create a personalized plan to avoid a re-offense.

If you have questions about facilitators’ role in the program, please email us at

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