Responsible Driver Program

Groups FAQs

Q. Are groups offered throughout the province?

Yes! We offer groups in many communities province-wide. Groups are scheduled at times and locations that meet the needs of the majority of program participants within your region. Group sessions typically have eight to ten participants for both the 8 hour and 16 hour programs –however, participants who have previously completed RDP may be assigned to a different program format. Some people from remote locations will need to travel to larger communities to participate in RDP.

Group Locations

Q. I will not be able to complete the program within the allotted time frame set out by RoadSafetyBC. How do I get an extension to complete the program?

You may submit an Application for Extension to RoadSafetyBC. The application form must be accompanied with a written submission that provides detailed information on why you are unable to complete the remedial program for reasons beyond your control, such as illness, jury duty, or incarceration. Please visit the Administration of Remedial Programs website for more information on extensions.

Q. Can you fail the program?

All participants who attend all their sessions and participate as required will complete the program. It’s only possible to fail to complete if you have unpaid invoices, miss appointments (without making them up), or do not meet basic participation standards. Participants are simply required to attend on time and free of the influence of alcohol and other drugs, and interact in a non-disruptive manner. If you miss or fail to complete any part of the program and wish to proceed in RDP, you will be invoiced to cover the cost of your missed appointment or group.

Q. I work out of town or in camp. How can I attend group?

We will make notes on your file about your availability and will give you your group coordinator’s contact information. After you receive your assignment letter to either our 8 or 16 hour program, please call your group coordinator to discuss the details of your schedule. We suggest you do this as soon as you know whether you are in the 8 or 16 hour program to make sure they place you in a group that you are able to attend!

Q. I have completed the Responsible Driver Program. What happens next?

Within around 2 weeks of your final group session, RDP reviews your entire file and informs RoadSafetyBC via email of your completion.  RoadSafetyBC then conducts their own review – the timeline for this varies – and will inform you by letter of any licensing decisions. Please note that if you have any outstanding invoices from RDP, your file will not be closed until these are paid.

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