Responsible Driver Program

General FAQs

Q. Why do I need to take this program?

RoadSafetyBC has referred you to us because of 1 or more impaired driving offence. We use the term “DUI” (driving under the influence) to cover all kinds of impaired driving offences – not just criminal offences. For example, we use the term “DUI” to include a 12 or 24 hour prohibition, a 3, 7, 30 or 90 day immediate roadside prohibition, ADP, or criminal code conviction.

Many British Columbians go through our program. Our goal is to help you become better-equipped to separate your substance use from driving. We do not assume that you abuse alcohol or drugs or suffer from addiction.

If you have any questions about your referral, please call RoadSafetyBC at 1-855-387-7747.

Q. How long does it take to complete the program?

It usually takes 6-9 months from the date you are registered to finish the program. Please note that missing appointments or sessions could delay your progress through our program. You have 1 year to complete RDP from the date that RoadSafetyBC referred you to us.

Q. Why does it take so long?

It takes time to move through each stage of the program. After your screening interview, we will review your interview in order to place you into either the 8 or 16 hour program. After that, our group coordinators will begin working on creating a group for you in your preferred area. Groups are typically spread out over an 8 week period as mandated by our contract with RoadSafetyBC. Following group completion, your file will go into review, after which RoadSafetyBC will be notified of your completion. All of the timelines of these processes depend on how many others are in queue ahead of you.

Q. When can I get my license back?

For all questions about licensing, please call RoadSafetyBC at 1-855-387-7747. RoadSafetyBC determines this on a case-by-case basis. There are a variety of factors that determine whether you will be allowed to keep your driver’s license, become re-licensed during RDP, or at a later date. This is addressed in your initial assignment letter from RoadSafetyBC.

Q. Do all people required to take RDP have to complete the program before being eligible for re-licensing?

No. This is determined on a case-by-case basis by RoadSafetyBC. There are a variety of factors that determine whether a driver will be allowed to keep their driver’s license or become re-licensed during RDP. The driver is advised of this by RoadSafetyBC in their initial letter referring them to the program.

Q. What if I don’t attend RDP?

If you have been referred to us and are currently unlicensed or prohibited from driving, you will need to register and pay for RDP before you can re-apply for a driver’s license. If you already have a license, it will be cancelled if you do not register with us within 45 days of your referral and complete RDP within RoadSafetyBC’s specified time frame. Driving while prohibited is a dangerous and costly risk; not only to you, but to everyone around you. Stroh Health Care isn’t informed of anybody’s particular licensing requirements.

Q. What component of RDP will I be required to take?

After your telephone assessment, you will be directed to either an 8-hour program or a 16-hour program. The 16-hour program is generally scheduled over a three-month (8 week) period. A minimum number of participants are necessary for both the 8-hour and 16-hour programs, and they are scheduled at times and locations that meet the needs of the majority of program participants within your region.

Q. Is there an exemption if I’ve already completed a rehabilitation program?

No. Privately operated rehabilitation programs will not be accepted as meeting the requirements for re-licensing in BC. If you have completed an equivalent impaired driving program provided by another Canadian jurisdiction, RoadSafetyBC will review the documents and make a decision as to whether or not RDP will still be required. Please contact RoadSafetyBC at 1-855-387-7747 for more information.

Q. Who do I contact for information about RDP?

Stroh Health Care runs RDP. Please call our information officer at 604-948-4912 ext. 101 in the Lower Mainland or toll free at 1-800-948-4912. You can also email us at!

Q. I sent Stroh Health Care my cheque. Why are they waiting for 15 days before scheduling my telephone assessment?

When payments for services are paid by cheque, no services are rendered until the cheque has had time to “clear”, which usually takes 15 days. There is no waiting period for payments by money order, or credit card.

Q. What if I can’t afford it? Are there payment options? Can the fee be waived or is there financial assistance available?

RDP is a user-pay program, which means that the cost is completely paid for by the person who uses it. The RDP fee is intended to recover the costs related to delivering and administering the program, as well as government’s costs related to the program. Unfortunately, there are no payment options, fee waivers or financial assistance options available at this time.

Q. Are there any appeal procedures?

In February 2016, legislation came into effect that makes RDP referrals mandatory for many drivers. Please note that if you have been referred to the program under Section 25.2 of the MVA, you are not eligible to apply for reconsideration. If you have been referred to the program under Section 25.1 of the MVA, you may be eligible for reconsideration.

For more information on requesting reconsideration, visit the RoadSafetyBC website.


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Please note: 

Stroh Health Care’s contract to provide the Responsible Driver Program ends on June 15th, 2024. We will accept registrations until this date, and clients who register will have the opportunity to complete the program as long as they do not self-delay.

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