Responsible Driver Program

Registration FAQs

Q. How do I register? What payment options do I have?

Please note: We now accept online registrations. All payment options and instructions can be found on the registration form. To register for RDP, please return your completed and signed Registration and Informed Consent Form with your full payment of $930.00.

Payments can be made by:

  • Visa or Visa Debit
  • MasterCard or MasterCard Debit
  • American Express
  • Prepaid Credit Card
  • Money Order
  • Personal cheque or Bank cheque.

* Please make cheques and money orders payable to Stroh Health Care. If you pay by personal or business cheque, your payment will be held for an additional 15 days before you are confirmed as registered in the program. You can register online, or send in your Registration Form by fax or mail.

Q. Why is my registration held for 15 days if I am paying by cheque?

The 15 day hold period allows time for the cheque to clear the banking system.  No services will be provided until the hold is complete.  There is no waiting period for payments by money order or credit card.

Q. Where do I send the RDP Registration and Informed Consent Form?

This information is available on page 2 of the RDP Registration and Informed Consent Form. The registration form can be faxed (604-948-4913) or mailed to Stroh Health Care. Our mailing address is:

P.O. Box 18006
1215-C 56th Street
Delta, BC V4L 2B0

Please do not send the registration form to RoadSafetyBC! Once the payment and registration has been processed, Stroh Health Care will inform RoadSafetyBC.

Q. ICBC told me I need to do RDP and told me to call Stroh Health Care.

Drivers are referred to RDP by RoadSafetyBC. To inquire about your referral or to obtain a copy of your referral letter, please contact RoadSafetyBC.

Q. I have never been charged with a DUI. Why am I in this program?

We use the term “DUI” (Driving Under the Influence) to cover all kinds of impaired driving offences – not just criminal offences. For example, we use the term “DUI” to include a 12 or 24 hour prohibition, a 3, 7, 30, or 90 day Immediate Roadside Prohibition, Administrative Driving Prohibition, or Criminal Code Conviction.

Q. I am prohibited from driving for a lengthy period. When should I register for the RDP?

If it is important that you obtain a driver’s license as soon as you are eligible, you should register for the RDP as soon as you are able as the program can take up to 9 months to complete.

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