Responsible Driver Program

Booking FAQs

Q. Can I book my interview in the evening or on a weekend?

Stroh Health Care operates during regular business hours (9 – 5pm, Monday – Friday). Our booking staff will do their best to find an interview time that works for you. Most telephone interviews are completed within ½ hour. Some of our clients use their lunch break to complete their interview. You will need a quiet place with good reception where you can speak privately to us without being interrupted.

Q. Why would I need to pay to reschedule my interview?

When you book your screening interview, we reserve that time slot for our screening interviewer to complete your interview and answer any questions you might have. When booking screens, we warn clients that they will be charged if they miss, reschedule, or cancel their interview. If you miss your interview, someone else has missed the opportunity of using that time slot and we will send you an invoice for $52.50 ($50 plus $2.50 GST). The invoice will have information about how to make a payment. Similarly, if you are impaired by alcohol or drugs during your screen, we will cancel the interview. You would need to pay the missed interview fee before being able to rebook.

Q. I am hearing impaired. How can I complete a phone assessment?

We offer in-community screening interviews for people who need to bring a translator or helper with them. We do require your prior written consent before we can speak to anyone on your behalf. Your translator or helper should be prepared to attend all group sessions as well as the screening interview.

Q. Can the interview be conducted in other languages?

At this time, we provide telephone interviews in Punjabi, Cantonese, and Mandarin! We offer groups in these languages as well, however only in the Lower Mainland. If the language you speak is not listed above, or you live elsewhere in BC, you will need to find a translator to attend the in-community interview and/or group sessions. Out of respect for your privacy, we cannot speak to anybody for whom we do not have your prior written consentClick here to fill out the Written Consent Form.

Q. Can you call an out of province number for the screening interview?

It is company policy that we do not call out of province. You can either provide us with an alternate BC number to call, or call us at your appointment time.

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