Responsible Driver Program

About RDP

The Responsible Driver Program (RDP) is a remedial program for people with alcohol or drug-related driving prohibitions or convictions. Under Section 25.1 & 25.2 of the Motor Vehicle Act (MVA), people whose driving records meet certain criteria are required to complete RDP. Below is a summary of what to expect while enrolled in the Responsible Driver Program.

What to Expect During RDP

The registration process begins with filling out and signing your Registration and Informed Consent Form. Your Registration Form can be uploaded online, mailed, or faxed. Once we receive and process your registration form and payment, you’ll be officially registered.

If you include your e-mail address on the registration form, we will send you a confirmation as soon as your registration is processed. We will process your registration within 24-48 hours of receiving it and inform RoadSafetyBC the next day. RoadSafetyBC will then inform ICBC of your registration within 2 business days. If you have completed the program before, you will not have to participate in an additional screening interview.

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Registration FAQs

After your registration and payment has been processed, you will be added to a call list in order to schedule your screening interview. At this point we will establish if there are any language or scheduling issues that must be addressed in order for us to help you proceed through the program as quickly and smoothly as possible. Interviews are usually booked 1-2 weeks in advance, and you will receive a booking call within 14 days of registration.

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Booking FAQs

The screening interview is an interview conducted over the phone and consists of 64 questions. These interview questions will help us determine whether the 8 hour or 16 hour program is most appropriate for you. Typically, the interview process takes less than half an hour. You will receive your assignment letter along with your registration receipt within 30 days of your screening interview.  If you have completed the program before, you will not have to complete an additional screening interview.

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Screening FAQs

Group sessions are typically groups of 10 participants (including you!) and one of our highly-skilled group facilitators. The purpose of the group is to establish ways you can separate your substance use from driving. Participants who have previously completed RDP may be assigned to a different program format. At Stroh Health Care, it is not our goal to discourage you from using alcohol or drugs – simply to separate these activities from driving. Within 12 weeks of receiving your assignment letter, you will receive a 2nd letter with group dates, times, and location.

Group Locations

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Group Sessions FAQs

After you attend all of your group sessions your file will go into review. Essentially this step of the program consists of a thorough review of your screening interview, group notes, and any other relevant information to determine if you have met the minimum standards of completion. We will subsequently notify RoadSafetyBC of your completion and they will then contact you via mail to notify you that you’re finished! Your file with us will be complete and RoadSafetyBC will be notified within about 2 weeks of your final group session.

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After Group FAQs