Responsible Driver Program

About RDP

The Responsible Driver Program (RDP) is a remedial program for people with alcohol or drug-related driving prohibitions or convictions. Under Section 25.1 & 25.2 of the Motor Vehicle Act (MVA), people whose driving records meet certain criteria are required to complete RDP. Below is a summary of what to expect while enrolled in the Responsible Driver Program.

What to Expect During RDP

Please note: It takes approximately 1-2 business days to process registrations once received. When we have processed your registration, you will receive confirmation via email. If you have recently submitted your registration, either through mail, fax, or online, please check your inbox.

For any questions regarding the status of your license, please contact Road Safety BC at 1-855-387-7747 and select option 1. Stroh Health Care does not have any information about licensing and cannot answer licensing questions.

If you have registered with us and are curious as to what’s next, check out the FAQ section of this website. You will also find our program’s timeline available there.