Responsible Driver Program

After Group FAQs

Q. I have completed the Responsible Driver Program. What happens next?

We review your program participation and inform RoadSafetyBC that you have completed the necessary program requirements. RoadSafetyBC will determine whether you are considered complete and will inform you of their decision, and any licensing decisions, in writing.

Q. When do I get my driver’s license back?

This depends on your individual circumstance. You may be found fit to drive, required to have an ignition interlock installed in your vehicle, or not fit to drive. This is RoadSafetyBC’s decision and it will be communicated in writing to you by RoadSafetyBC. Stroh Health Care does not receive these reports from RoadSafetyBC.

Q. If I do not successfully complete RDP, will I have to pay for the program again?

If you do not successfully complete the program, and you still wish to be re-licensed, you may be required by RoadSafetyBC to re-take the entire program, or just a portion of the program. Additional fees may be required.

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