Due to the evolving situation caused by the Corona Virus (COVID-19), we have temporarily modified the Responsible Driver Program to ensure the safety of participants and staff, while doing everything we can to avoid delays in service. Services have not been cancelled, simply adapted. We are working hard to minimize the impact this will have on your progress through the program, and are continuing to provide all stages of the program during this difficult period.

Registering for the Responsible Driver Program can now be done here on our website. Registrations by fax are being received and processed as normal, however mailed registrations may be delayed by any disruptions in postal service.

The process of booking the initial screening interview is done by phone and is unaffected. The interview itself is also conducted over the phone and interviews are continuing as usual.

In compliance with advice from government health offices, we have suspended all in-person sessions. However, we have been authorized to provide the program remotely via Microsoft Teams on a temporary basis to avoid service disruptions. Your group coordinator will be in touch with you about this process.

When you are due to be scheduled for sessions, we will be asking you whether you have access to reliable internet service and a smart phone, computer, or tablet with a front-facing camera so you can participate in remote sessions. If this is not possible for you, we will discuss alternative means to allow you to participate.

Once your remote sessions are complete, as usual we will review your file and let RoadSafetyBC know you have met the attendance requirements. The timeline for this is unchanged – it is based on volume and is done in chronological order. Files with outstanding invoices will not be closed until the invoice has been paid, which again is standard practice.

We will be relying on our clients providing up to date contact information so that we can make these necessary arrangements. If you can provide an email address please do so, as we send routine updates by email about clients’ status in the program. Please check your email (and spam folder) regularly and keep in touch by phone if you don’t have access to email. We will continue to mail letters but know that postal service may be disrupted or some people may not be able to access their mail.

Please know that we remain committed to providing timely service and anticipate that we’ll be able to move you through the program smoothly, despite the disruption we’re all experiencing.

We are grateful for your cooperation and wish you and your families well during this difficult time. We have no access to information about licensing status or deadlines, but please don’t hesitate to reach out to our office if you have questions about the program. We’re here to help you get through this process.