Relationship Violence Program

RR Groups


The goal of the Respectful Relationships Program is to raise awareness and to prepare participants for a more in-depth focus on individual treatment needs in RVP.


The RR component is ten sessions of 2 ½ hours in length and is held in the Community Corrections office. It is psycho-educational in approach and gives the men a solid foundation in the dynamics of domestic abuse. It is usually co-facilitated by a male and a female Probation Officer, who have received training in group facilitation skills and then in the delivery of this specific program.


Supervising probation officers refer men assessed as medium and high risk to offend to the RVPP. Participants are required to complete the RR component before moving on to RVP – part 2 of the RVPP.

Liaison visit:

Towards the end of the RR program one or both of the RVP facilitators who will be delivering the RVP component will attend the RR group. They provide information about the program content and the time and location of group sessions. They also book each man for an intake appointment.

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