RR2 Groups

RR2 Groups



The goal of Respectful Relationships Part 2 is a demonstrated reduction of violent and abusive behaviour. Desired learning outcomes for participants include:

  • A consistent ability to identify abusive behaviour
  • A consistent ability to describe the negative impact of abusive behaviour on individuals, families, and communities
  • A consistent ability to identify their own abusive behaviour and to take responsibility for their own behaviour
  • Increased positive, appropriate self-regard and a clearly articulated maintenance plan that includes awareness of personal limitations
  • Concrete goals for continuing to work on developing pro-social, non-violent behaviour.


Referrals are sent to Stroh Health Care for men who, upon successful completion of RR1, will attend RR2. Men who have completed RR1 together will usually move on as a group to RR2. The RR2 component is 34 hours in length. There is some variation as to how the 34 hours of group are scheduled depending upon regional and local needs. The most common format is to deliver RR2 over 11 evening sessions. In remote and Northern settings it is sometimes delivered with multiple sessions on a weekend.  Each RR2 group is led by a male and female co-facilitator pair. Wherever possible, RR2 group sessions are held in Community Corrections offices. Where this is not possible, a group space is rented in community centres, churches, colleges, etc. Group size varies from less than 8 men up to 19 or 20 men.


In RR2 it is expected that participants will talk about family issues, current and past relationships, attitudes, thoughts, feelings, and behaviours involved that led to their offence. It is important, therefore, that participants know that almost everything that is discussed in the group stays within the group and that there are only a few risk-related exceptions to this rule. The exceptions are discussed in detail at the first group session in an open and transparent manner.

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