Relationship Violence Program


Are you interested in facilitating RVP groups?

We provide groups in about 40 communities across BC. Our facilitators are contractors and are offered work based on their availability, number of clients in their area, and seniority if there is ever a shortage of work. Preference is given to those with a Masters-level degree in a relevant field such as counselling or social work, and experience facilitating groups.

Each RVP group is led by a male and female co-facilitator pairing who provide a standardized 34 hour group program – materials including manuals and videos are provided.

The people we use to facilitate these groups possess the required knowledge, skills, and abilities to deliver the RVP effectively. If this program sounds like something you would be interested in co-facilitating, please email us at

Because demand is always changing, even if we currently are not seeking facilitators in a specific area, we keep resumes of qualified applicants on file against needs in that community.

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