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Prior to June 16th 2016 the RDP Registration fee (including GST) was $924, and was payable to the Minister of Finance, rather than Stroh Health Care.

However, on June 16th, 2016, the RDP Registration fee (including GST) increased from $924 to $930. All payments received on or after June 16th must be for the new fee amount, regardless of when the referral was made to RDP or when the Registration was mailed, and must be made payable to Stroh Health Care, rather than to the Minister of Finance.

RoadSafetyBC began using New Registration forms on June 16th, but if you already have a Registration form, you may use that form as long as you make the payment out to the correct agency (Stroh Health Care) and for the correct amount ($930) as outlined above.

We apologize for any inconvenience, but all payments that are either for an incorrect amount or are made to the wrong payee, will have to be returned.



Responsible Driver Program

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The Responsible Driver Program (RDP) is a remedial program for drivers with alcohol- or drug-related prohibitions. Under Section 25.2 of the Motor Vehicle Act (MVA), drivers whose driving records meet prescribed criteria are required to complete the RDP. The Superintendent of Motor Vehicles may consider that, with respect to a personís unsatisfactory driving record, skills, fitness or ability to drive and operate a motor vehicle, it is in the public interest to make a referral. For more information on these requirements please see:

Participation in the RDP is a requirement for those who wish to either maintain or renew their driving licence. Drivers who enrol in the RDP pay the prescribed fee of $930 ($905 plus GST) to Stroh Health Care.

Once registered in the RDP, participants complete an intensive telephone assessment and are then assigned to one of two components:

  1. Those deemed not to be of significant risk of recidivism are referred to an intensive 8-hour program.
  2. Those deemed to be of greater risk of recidivism are referred to a 16-hour program.

Participants, whose level of alcohol or other drug use indicates that an addiction has been established, are encouraged to contact appropriate community addiction services to further decrease their risk of recidivism.

Participants in both the 8 hour and the 16 hour programs learn basic information about alcohol, drugs and their impact on driving ability. The programs focus on preventing the harm that results from combining alcohol or other drug use and driving, and the objective is to separate these two activities, not eliminate them.

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